Bakhtawar Drama Cast Name With Pictures – Yumna Zaidi

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One of the best dramas of Yumna Zaidi was the drama Bakhtawar in which viewers saw her with a new look and that is the reason why a huge number of viewers are still watching this drama online and loving it a lot. Here we have shared with you the complete details of the Bakhtawar drama cast which you will like.

Bakhtawar drama cast included Yumna Zaidi as well as other best cast including Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz, Adnan Shah Tipu, Huma Nawab, and Ali Wasi Kazmi. The complete cast list and crew information of the drama is provided below in detail for you. We hope this information will be useful for you.

Bakhtawar Drama Cast Name

The first episode of the drama was telecast on 17 July 2022 and the drama had a total of 25 episodes. The last episode of the drama for viewers was telecast on 25 January 2023, after which the number of viewers who were watching the drama online on YouTube increased greatly.

Channel:Hum TV
Duration:40 Min
Production:MD Productions
Producer:Momina Duraid
Director :Shahid Shafaat
Writer  :Nadia Ahmed

Cast List:

Real NameRole Name
Yumna ZaidiBakhtawar
Zaviyar Nauman IjazMalik Dilawar
Ali WasiAhad
Huma NawabShareefa
Adnan Shah TipuAmin
Salma AsimSakina
Saqib SumeerHaji Nazar
Mizna WaqasNaveeda
Qaiser Khan NizamaniMalik Sher Zaman
Aslam SheikhGhaffar
Sachal AfzalSalar
Fazila QaziMalik Sher Zaman’s wife
Noreen GulwaniHuriya
Ayesha SohailNazneen
Babar AliMalik Dastageer
Sunil ShankarSheeda
Shamoon AbbasiMohsin

Yumna Zaidi as Bakhtawar

The character of Yumna Zaidi is central in this drama and the story of the drama revolves around her life. Yumna Zaidi is playing the role of Bakhtawar in this drama, whose father forcibly marries her elder sister to someone and her brother falls ill and dies.

Bakhtawar’s uncle wants to marry her to his mental son, which she is not ready for, but he forces her to marry his son, on which Bakhtawar leaves her village and goes to Karachi with her mother. She goes where she has to face many difficulties. She stays here at a relative’s house but after some time she and her mother have to leave that house.

Bakhtawar moves into a rented house with her mother and looks for a job but can’t find a job anywhere so she has to work as a bus conductor but she doesn’t last long. Because male passengers annoy her a lot.

Then she pretends to be a man and starts a job in a restaurant where she also faces some problems. The owner of the house in which she lives on rent also harasses her.

Bakhtawar Drama

Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz as Malik Dilawar

Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz is playing the role of Malik Dilawar, the son of a rich politician in this drama. He has returned to Pakistan after completing his education from outside Pakistan and does not understand the social issues here well. When Bakhtawar faces many problems and cannot get a proper job anywhere, he helps her and gives her a job with him.

Zaviyar Nauman is an excellent actor who is the son of famous and successful actor Nauman Ijaz of Pakistan, he was born in 1997 and his birthday is on 14 January and he belongs to Lahore. He started his career in 2021 with Hum TV’s drama serial Qissa Meherbano Ka and besides this, he has played lead roles in super hit dramas like Sang-e-Mah, Tere Ishq Ke Naam, Gunjal, and Wehem.

Bakhtawar Drama Cast

Ali Wasi Kazmi as Ahad

Ali is also part of the main cast of the drama and he is playing the role of Ahad. Ahad is the son of a village landlord and he likes Yumna Zaidi, but when Yumna’s uncle tries to force her to marry his mental son, he helps Yumna and moves her out of the village to Karachi.

Ali Wasi Kazmi is an excellent model and actor who you must have seen in various music videos. He has modeled in many super-hit songs. This is Ali Wasi Kazmi’s first drama and we hope you will like Ali’s acting in the Bakhtawar Drama Cast.

Bakhtawar Drama real Name

Huma Nawab as Shareefa

Huma Nawab plays the role of Bakhtawar’s mother in this drama and for the sake of her daughter’s happiness and her future, she leaves her husband and runs away from home with her daughter after that, she and her daughter go through many hardships and Problems have to be faced.

Huma Nawab is a senior and successful actress and she has also played the role of Yumna Zaidi’s mother in the drama serial Parizaad. Hama Nawab was born in 1969 and her birthday is on 1st December she belongs to Islamabad. She started her career with the PTV drama serial Eshaan in 1982. Popular dramas of Huma Nawab include Pagal Khana, Samjhota, Raaz, Pehchaan, and Aitebaar. She also play Yumna Zaidi’mother role in Bakhtawar Drama Cast.

Bakhtawar Drama name

Adnan Shah Tipu as Amin

Adnan Shah is an excellent and talented actor who is playing the role of Bakhtawar’s uncle in this drama. He has a son who is mentally disturbed. Amin continues to help his brother’s family because he wants to marry his mental son to Bakhtawar, but Bakhtawar is not happy with this marriage.

Adnan Shah Tipu belongs to the city of Faisalabad in the Punjab province of Pakistan and he started his career in the drama industry in 2001. He has played lead roles in numerous super hit dramas and his famous dramas include Kabuli Pulao, Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, Yaar Na Bichray, and Tera Yahan Koi Nahin.

Bakhtawar Drama cast name with Pictures

Saqib Sumeer as Haji Nazar

Saqib Sameer is playing the role of Haji Nazar in this drama. Yumna and her mother live on rent in Haji Nazar’s house, but he does not like Yumna going out of the house like this. He is strongly against women going out of the house and working. He convinces Yumna’s mother not to let her daughter go out of the house and he also offers her that he can marry Yumna and bear the expenses of both of them to which Yumna’s mother refuses due to which he gets very angry and threatens to throw them out of the house.

Saqib Samar is an excellent actor who has previously played the lead role in the super hit drama serial Ehraam-e-Junoon telecast on Geo TV. He is not only an actor but has also written the stories of various dramas. Audiences love his acting and he has also played important roles in popular drama serials Kuch Ankahi, Kabuli Pulao, Jeevan Nagar, and Khuda Aur Muhabbat season 3.

Bakhtawar Drama pics

Salma Asim as Sakina

cast of Bakhtawar Drama

Mizna Waqas as Naveeda

Bakhtawar Drama Cast

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