Chand Tara Drama Cast Real Name With Pictures

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As you know, Chand Tara is a super-hit drama serial telecast in the month of Ramadan in 2023. The special feature of this drama is the daily casting, due to which the drama became very popular, and the cast of the drama is also very wonderful. By the way, this drama was telecasted several months ago, but even today, the drama is watched in large numbers on YouTube. We have shared complete details of the Chand Tara drama cast here.

The original names and photos of the cast of the drama serial Chand Tara are also shared here, which will help you a lot to get familiar with the cast of the drama. Apart from this, complete details of all the new telecasted dramas in Pakistan are also available on our site, including the best dramas like Sukoon, Jhok Sarkar, and Ishq Murshid.

Chand Tara Drama Cast

The successful husband and wife of the Pakistan showbiz industry, Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan, were included in the main cast of the drama serial Chand Tara. They are playing the roles of husband and wife in this drama too. The other cast is also wonderful, including Maha Hasan, Romaisa Khan, Aashir Wajahat, and Danish Nawaz. Complete cast details of the drama serial Chand Tara, along with photos, are provided below. I hope you will like the complete details of the cast of the drama.

Production:MD Productions
Director :Danish Nawaz
Writer  :Saima Akram Chaudhry
Producer:Momina Duraid

Cast List:

Real NameRole
Danish TaimoorChand
Ayeza KhanNain Tara
Saba FaisalDr. Raazia
Behroze SabzwariMir Jaffer
Rehan SheikhGulzar (Babu Bhaiyya)
Danish NawazManchu
Madiha IftikharNaaz
Adnan JaffarSaleem
Ghazal SiddiquiSaffo
Mantasha ShahidPinky
Maha HasanRoomi
Ashir WajahatHashir

Danish Taimoor as Chand

Danish Taimoor plays the most important role in the drama serial Chand Tara, and his name is Chand in the drama. Chand is a software engineer and lives with a joint family. His father, sister, and his uncle and their females also live in his house. Chand does not like the joint family system and falls in love with a doctor girl, Tara, and wants to marry her. Tara’s mother does not like the joint family, so she rejects Chand’s marriage proposal.

When Tara’s mother finds out that Chand also does not like the joint family system and wants to live separately with her daughter after marriage, she agrees to the marriage. After marriage, Chand faces many difficulties as his wife Tara likes the joint family system and wants to stay with Chand’s family.

Danish Taimoor is considered among the top 10 best actors in Pakistan, and the audience likes his acting a lot, and his fan following is also very high. He was born in 1983; his age is 40; and his birthday is on February 16 every year. Danish Taimoor started his career in showbiz in 2006 with the drama serial Koi Jane Na, Baji, after which his journey of success began. Before the drama Chand Tara, he also played the lead role in the super-hit drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, to be telecast on ARY Digital in 2022. Danish Taimoor’s best and most successful dramas include Ishq Hai, Deewangi, Mehar Posh, and Janbaaz.

Chand Tara Drama Cast

Ayeza Khan as Nain Tara

Ayeza Khan played the lead role of Tara, who was a doctor, in the drama serial Chand Tara. Tara falls in love with a boy and wants to marry him and live with his family, but Tara’s mother does not like the joint family system, so she refuses. After Tara calls her father to help her, they live separately.

Then Tara’s mother agrees to her marriage, and Tara gets married to the boy of her choice. She is very happy with her in-laws, but her husband is not happy because Tara gives more time to his family than her husband, so she and her husband have a fight, and she comes to her senses.

Ayeza Khan is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Pakistan, and currently, she is playing the lead role in Pakistan’s super-hit drama serial Mein. She is also modeling and acting, and she has now appeared for many famous national and international brands. Ayeza Khan was born in 1991. She will be 32 years old in 2023, and her birthday is January 15th. She has also played the lead role with Humayun Saeed in the drama serial Meray Paas Tum Ho, one of the all-time super hit dramas of Pakistan. Ayeza Khan’s memorable plays include Chaudhry and Sons, Chupke Chupke, Thora Sa Haq, and Laapata.

Chand Tara Drama Cast

Saba Faisal as Dr. Raazia

Saba Faisal is also a part of the main cast of the drama, and she plays the role of Raazia in the drama. She wants to marry her daughter to a doctor boy, but her daughter likes another boy and wants to marry him. Raazia lives separately from her husband and does not like the joint family at all, but the boy her daughter likes lives with the joint family. She tries to prevent her daughter from marrying this boy, but when her daughter does not agree, she forcibly marries her daughter to a boy of her daughter’s choice.

Chand Tara Drama Cast

Behroze Sabzwari as Mir Jaffer

Behrooz Sabwari is playing the roles of Saba Faisal’s husband and Ayezha Khan’s father in this drama, who is separated from his wife and daughter because long ago his wife had a fight with him and shifted to a separate house. Mir Jaffer likes the joint family, but his wife doesn’t want it. When his daughter likes a guy who lives with a joint family and his wife doesn’t want her daughter to get married to that guy, he goes to her house for help and gets his daughter married to a boy of her choice. His performance is very well in the Chand Tara Drama Cast.

Chand Tara Drama Cast Real Name

Rehan Sheikh as Gulzar (Babu Bhaiyya)

Rehan Sheikh plays the role of Gulzar in this drama, who is called by everyone as Babu Bhaiyya. Rehan Sheikh is playing the role of Danish Taimoor’s father in the drama. Babu Bhaiyya has a joint family, and his brothers also live in the same house as him. There is a lot of splendor in their house. When Babu Bhaiyya’s son gets married and his wife also comes to the same house, everyone is very happy, but Babu Bhaiyya feels very sad when his son wants to stay away from his family.

Chand Tara Drama Cast Pictures

Danish Nawaz as Manchu

Danish Nawaz plays the role of Manchu in the drama, an artistic character who runs a musical band, always falls into financial difficulties, and is supported by his elder brother Gulzar. He lives with his elder brother in the same house with his wife and children.

Chand Tara Drama Cast pics

Madiha Iftikhar as Naaz

Madiha Iftikhar is playing the role of Naaz in the drama serial Chand Tara, who is the role of Danish Taimur’s younger aunt. She is very happy with everyone, but when Danish Taimoor gets married, due to some misunderstandings, Danish Taimoor is separated from his aunt. He misbehaves, after which Danish Taimur apologizes. She plays an important role in Chand Tara Drama Cast.

Chand Tara Drama Cast name

Adnan Jaffar as Saleem

Adnan Jaffer is also part of the main cast of the drama, and he is playing the roles of Gulzar and Machu’s brother and Danish Taimoor’s uncle. He has an elder son who is a famous TikTok star and secretly marries a TikTok star of his choice, on which he beats his son. Adnan Jaafar is an excellent actor who has previously played the lead role in the super hit drama serial Hum Tum telecast on Hum TV, and currently, he is one of the lead actors in the super hit drama serial Ishq Murshid telecast on Hum TV.

Chand Tara Drama Cast hum tv

Maha Hasan as Roomi

Maha Hasan is playing the role of a famous TikTokker Roomi in this drama. She gets married to a boy of her choice who is also a TikTokker and starts staying at the boy’s house. Many people are living in this house, which makes the boy fed up and forced to live in a separate house. Then she shifts to a separate house with her husband, but she has to face many difficulties while moving there. Later, she runs away from a separate house, comes back to her in-law’s house, and apologizes to everyone for her bad behavior.

Chand Tara Drama Cast name hum tv

Ghazal Siddiqui as Saffo

Chand Tara Drama

Ashir Wajahat as Hashir

cast of Chand Tara Drama

Romaisa Khan as Maala

hum tv drama chand tara cast

Agha Talal as Mohid

pics of chand tara drama

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