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One of the super hit dramas telecasted on Green TV is the drama serial Fanaa. Fanaa drama cast has four actors playing the lead roles including Aijaz Aslam, Nazish Jahangir, Shahzad Sheikh, and Shaista Lodhi. For the viewers, we have provided here the complete details of the cast, story, and timing along with the cast that will help you get to know the cast.

This drama is aired on green TV and a huge number of viewers are watching this drama and you must be liking this drama too. Even now, super hit dramas like Tere Mere Sapnay, Very Filmy, Shiddat, and Zulm are being telecasted in Pakistan. The cast and other information about these dramas have been shared with you.

Fanaa Drama Cast

As you already know there are 4 main characters in the cast of Fanaa Drama, but the supporting actors are also very excellent, including Asim Mehmood, Asad Malik, Mariyam Nafees, and Leyla Zuberi. Senior and young actors have been included in the cast. In all the telecast episodes of this drama, the actors’ performances have been liked a lot by the viewers and you must tell us which actor’s performance you liked the most.

Genres:Drama, Action
Channel:Green Entertainment
Duration:40 Min
Production:Gold Bridge Media
Director :Najaf Bilgrami
Writer  :Qurban Ali Rao

Cast List

  • Aijaz Aslam
  • Shahzad Sheikh
  • Shaista Lodhi
  • Nazish Jahangir
  • Mariyam Nafees
  • Asim Mehmood
  • Asad Malik
  • Leyla Zuberi
  • Nargis Rasheed
  • Usman Javed
  • Izzah Malik
  • Anjum Habibi
  • Sara Bhatti
  • Hashim Butt

Fanaa Drama Story

The story of Fanaa’s drama revolves around the lives of four people. The most important character in this drama is Nazish Jahangir who belongs to the tribal area where two people are fighting each other to get her but she goes to study in the city. The second important role is that of Aijaz Aslam, who is the chief in the tribal area, but his children have only one daughter.

He wants to have a son who will become the owner of his property and he will become the chief of the tribe in his place. A woman falls in love with Aijaz Aslam and Aijaz Aslam tells her that he wants to get married again so that he can have a son. If not, what will happen, to which he says that my son’s desire will still not end

The main role in the story is then that of Shahzad Sheikh, who starts to like Nazish Jahangir and takes care of her in the city, but then for some reason, Nazish Jahangir leaves him and goes back to the tribal area, which makes him very sad and upset. He gets worried and is sad all the time.

Fanaa Drama Timing

The drama serial Fanaa is telecast on Green TV every Monday and Tuesday at 8 PM. You can watch this drama every Monday and Tuesday night. Also, if you want to watch this drama online, you can watch all the episodes of this drama on the official YouTube channel of Green TV.

A total of 8 episodes of the drama have been telecast till now and all the episodes are available on YouTube. If you haven’t watched any episode of the drama yet, you can watch all the telecasted episodes together on YouTube.

Aijaz Aslam

Aijaz Aslam plays the most important role in this drama who is the chief of a tribal area. After his marriage, he has a daughter but no son. He wishes to have a son who will become the Sardar after him and also own all his property. For this he wants to get married again and when Shaista Lodhi asks him that if he does not have a son even after the second marriage, he says that his hope for a son will not end.

Aijaz Aslam is a successful and senior actor in the Pakistan drama industry who has played important roles in numerous super hit dramas before. He started his career in showbiz with PTV’s drama serial Kashkol which was telecast in 1993. Aijaz Aslam was born in 1972 and belongs to Karachi city and his birthday is on 3rd October.

Fanaa Drama Cast

Shahzad Sheikh

Shahzad Sheikh is playing the role of Rizwan in the drama who falls in love with a girl who belongs to tribal areas and comes to the city to study. He cares a lot about this girl and she also starts to love him but then suddenly the girl goes back to her tribal area due to which Rizwan is very worried.

Shahzad Sheikh is the son of Pakistani superstar Javed Sheikh and has worked with many famous actors. He was born in 1984 in Karachi, and his birthday is on September 26. Shahzad Sheikh started his career with the famous entertainment channel AAG TV’s drama series Dreamers. His other famous dramas include Tere Bina Mein Nahi, Ibn-e-Hawwa, Prem Gali, Phaans, and Meray Humnasheen. He also plays an important role in Zulm and Tere Mere Sapnay‘s drama.

Fanaa Drama Story

Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi plays an important role in the Fanaa drama she is Aijaz Aslam’s friend in the drama and she cares for him a lot and tries not to fight too much but he is very tense due to the desire of his son.

Shaista Lodhi is an excellent actress and host who has hosted various television programs and is also seen playing an active role in Pakistani dramas. He belongs to Karachi and has been associated with the Pakistan drama industry since 2016. Shaista Lodhi’s other dramas include Samjhota, Pardes, and Khan. Now she plays an active role in the Fanaa drama cast.

Fanaa Drama Timing

Nazism Jahangir

Nazism Jahangir is playing the role of Afsheen in Fanaa drama and it is an important role. Afsheen belongs to a tribal area and there one of her cousins wants to marry her whom she doesn’t like at all but her cousin wants to marry her forcibly and forces her.

She goes to study in the city where she falls in love with a boy and wants to marry him but due to some constraints, she has to go back to her tribal area. Hope you like her performance in the Fanaa drama cast.

Nazism Jahangir is one of the most talented and successful actresses of Pakistan. She is a beautiful young actress who has played lead roles in various dramas. Nazism Jahangir’s famous dramas include Jinzada, Berukhi, Dil Tanha Tanha, and Saraab.

Fanaa Drama Real Name

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