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Habs was an excellent drama that was released on 10th May 2022 and the drama continued till 20th December. It was a wonderful drama and the audience loved this drama a lot. Viewers are still watching this drama on YouTube and those viewers want to know about the Habs drama cast, here we have shared with you the complete details of the cast so that you can get to know the cast better.

The most important role in the cast of the drama is played by Feroze Khan, all of his dramas are super hits. After a long time, Feroze Khan is seen in ARY Digital’s drama, he is often seen in Geo TV’s dramas. We have shared with you the original names and photos of the Habs drama cast below, which will surely benefit you.

Habs Drama Cast

As we have already told you Feroze Khan was included in the main cast of the drama and Ushna Shah played the lead role along with Feroze Khan. Apart from these two, many famous actors worked in the drama, whose performances made Habs’s drama successful. Among the other actors, the names of Ayesha Omat, Dania Enver, Saba Faisal, and Hina Rizvi are at the top, and along with the cast list, you will find the complete details of the cast in the same article.

Channel:ARY Digital
Duration:38 Min
Production:Six Sigma Plus
Producer:Hamuyan Saeed
Shahzad Naseeb
Director :Musaddiq Malik
Writer  :Aliya Makhdoom

Cast List:

  • Feroze Khan
  • Ushna Shah
  • Saba Faisal
  • Ayesha Omar
  • Janice Tessa
  • Dania Enwer
  • Mussadiq Malik
  • Hina Rizvi
  • Irsa Ghazal
  • Shazia Qaiser
  • Imran Aslam
  • Fareeda Shabbir
  • Hamzah Tariq Jamil
  • Hammad Farooq
  • Birjees Farooqui

Habs Drama Cast Real Name With Pictures

Here we have shared the original names and photos of the cast of the drama for your convenience and along with this we have also shared with you the short biography of the cast so that if you see this cast in any other drama. You can recognize the cast. We hope you will like our effort and share this post with your friends.

Feroze Khan as Basit Salman Khan

Feroze Khan is playing the role of Basit Salman who is the son of a rich businessman father in the drama serial Habs. He is angry with his mother because his mother has remarried and left him and he lives with his father Salman. He manages all his father’s business and also has a girlfriend but Basit is against getting married.

After the death of Basit’s father, when Basit sees his father’s will, it says that the company will be given to Basit only when he is married. Salman’s ex-wife and Basit’s mother try to take over the company, which causes Basit to try to marry his girlfriend, but her girlfriend does not want to marry right away, so she forbids him. After that, Basit lies to his mother that he is married to Ayesha.

Feroze Khan is one of the most-watched actors in Pakistan. He was born in 1990 in Quetta, and his birthday is on July 11th. He started his career in showbiz in 2014 with the Geo TV drama serial Bikhra Mera Naseeb, in which he played the role of Harib. He has also played the lead role in Geo TV’s super hit drama series Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 and Aye Musht-E-Khaak. Other famous plays by Feroze Khan include Dil Kiya Karay, Khaani, Ishqiya, Khumar, and Akhara.

Habs Drama Cast

Ushna Shah as Ayesha Basit Khan

Ushna Shah also plays an important role in this drama which is the role of Ayesha. Ayesha belongs to a middle-class family and lives with her mother, aunt, and two sisters. There are some financial problems in her house due to which she is looking for a job and she gets a job in Basit’s company. Where Basit lies to his mother that he is married to Ayesha.

Gradually, Basit falls in love with Ayesha and marries her, but after their marriage, their relations are not good for some time, but after that, they both fall in love. She plays an active and unique role in Habs Drama Cast.

Ushna Shah is a beautiful and successful actress in Pakistan’s showbiz industry who has acted in numerous super hit dramas and viewers love her acting too. She is very popular in acting as well as modeling and has worked with many international brands. Ushna Shah was born in 1990 and her birthday falls on February 12. She belongs to Lahore and has also acted in super hit dramas like Daurr, Parizaad, Bewafa, Dikhawa, and Aakhir Kab Tak.

Habs Drama Cast name

Ayesha Omar as Soha

Ayesha Omar is also a part of the main cast of Habs drama and she is playing the role of Soha in the drama. Soha is a young girl who has a friend and fiancé, Basit, with whom she is happy but does not want to get married yet. When her fiance Basit asks her for marriage, she refuses because she doesn’t want to get married yet and wants to enjoy her life. Her role is a negative role in Habs Drama Cast.

Ayesha Omar is a beautiful actress and model. Viewers know her for her super hit drama serial Bulbulay as this drama has been telecasting for many years now. She was born in 1981 and her birthday is on 12 October. She also belongs to Lahore and Ayesha started her career in showbiz in 2000 with the drama serial Kollege Jeans. Other popular dramas of Ayesha Omar include Bulbulay, Bisaat, Phir Bulbulay, Mera Dard Bayzuba, and Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Habs Drama Cast Real Name

Saba Faisal as Qudsiya

Saba Faisal is playing the role of Qudsiya in the drama. Qudsiya is a housewife whose husband has passed away and she has two daughters. She belongs to a middle-class family and lives with her sister and two daughters and believes that when a girl marries someone, she should marry a rich boy, so she does not allow her sister to marry.

Saba Faisal is a famous and senior actor in the Pakistan drama industry whose performance is very much liked by the audience. She was born on January 31 in Lahore. Saba Faisal started her career as a broadcaster in 1981 and her first drama was Tum Jo Miley which was telecast in 2009. Pagal Khana, Khaie, Zulm, Sar-e-Rah, and Samjhota are super-hit dramas of Saba Faisal.

Habs Drama Cast Pictures

Dania Enwer as Bano Sadiq

Dania Enwer is also part of the main cast and plays the role of Bano who happens to be Ayesha’s sister. She supports her sister in every matter and takes care of her. When Soha tries to distance Ayesha and Basit because of her words, Bano warns her to stay away from Ayesha and Basit.

Dania Enwer is an innocent young actress playing lead roles in many super hit dramas. She belongs to Karachi, the biggest city in Pakistan and she started her career in the drama industry with the drama serial Heer, this drama was telecast on Geo TV in 2016. Dania Enwer’s other popular dramas include Jannat Se Aagay, Eshaan Faramosh, Tere Ishq Ke Naam, and Mamlaat.

Hina Rizvi as Bobby

Hina is playing the role of Bobby in this drama, who is Saba Faisal’s sister and Ushna Shah’s aunt. Bobby is old enough but she is not married. When she wants to get married, her elder sister does not allow her to marry because the person she wants to marry is not a rich person and her sister Saba Faisal wants her to marry a rich person because they are poor.

Hina Rizvi is a talented actress who was born in 1980 in Lahore. She started her career in showbiz in 2003 on PTV. Hina Rizvi’s birthday is on March 16. Her first drama was telecast in 2003, after which she acted in the drama serial Dil Behkay Ga in 2011 after a break of 9 years. College Gate, Fairy Tale, Dil-e-Veeran, and Mera Susraal are famous dramas of Hina.

Habs Drama Cast name with picturs

Janice Tessa as Zoya

cast of Habs Drama

Mussadiq Malik

Habs Drama

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