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One of the super hit dramas that was telecast last year in 2023 was the drama Jhoom which is still being watched online in large numbers. Zara Noor Abbas, Haroon Khadwani, Haris Waheed, and Sidra Niazi were included in the Jhoom drama cast, and due to the excellent performances of this cast, the drama is watched by a large number of viewers even today.

Jhoom drama was released on 12th May 2023 and every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm this drama was telecast. The episode of the drama was 40 minutes long. Even today many super hit dramas are being telecasted on Geo TV including Tere Mere Sapnay, Ghaata, Khaie, and Shiddat. If you want, you can see the details of these plays on the same site.

Jhoom Drama Cast Real Name

For those viewers who want to know about the cast of the drama, we have shared the real names and photos of the cast, so that you can get to know the cast better and if you see this cast in another drama, immediately will be recognized. Hope you will like this information and if you like this information then share this post with your friends on social media.

Zara Noor Abbas as Maryam

The most important role in the drama was Zara Noor Abbas, whose name is Maryam in the drama. Hina is a doctor and lives with her brother. She loves her brother very much and fulfills all his needs. An angry boy comes to Maryam’s hospital and makes a lot of noise there.

Maryam gets this boy arrested by the police and later this boy falls in love with Maryam and Hina also starts liking this boy but this boy has a fight with Maryam’s brother, that’s why Maryam’s brother tries to keep his sister away from this boy with the help of various conspiracies.

Jhoom Drama Cast

Haroon Kadwani as Aryaan

Haroon Kadwani is also a part of the main cast of Jhoom Drama and he is playing the role of Aryaan who lives with his father and is very quick-tempered and gets angry at every little thing. Aryaan’s mother leaves him and his father. One of his friends gets shot and when he takes the girl to the hospital, he creates a ruckus there due to which he is expelled from the hospital.

He falls in love with Maryam and when he goes to her house he meets Maryam’s brother who is the same guy who shot his friend and he fights him. He plays an active role in the Jhoom drama cast.

Jhoom Drama Real Name

Haris Waheed as Sherry

Haris Waheed is also a part of the main cast of the drama and he is playing the role of Maryam’s brother Sherry in the drama. His friends are vagrants and they all together annoy different people. Sherry and his friends are at a place at night where a boy and a girl’s car breaks down and they start harassing them. On which the boy and the girl call their friend Aryaan and when Aryaan comes, Sherry and Aryaan fight.

Later, Sherry’s sister gets a boy relationship and he is the same boy whose friend she shot. He tells the boy’s family that if they want me to make my sister’s relationship with your son, he should first work in a company for more than 3 months. But when Aryaan applies for a job in a different place, he now creates problems in his job by sending Aryaan’s medical history to the companies.

Jhoom Drama cast Pictures

Sidra Naizi as Mehwish

Sidra Naizi is also part of the cast of Jhoom Drama and is playing the role of Mehwish who is Javed Sheikh’s daughter and the owner of a big company. Aryaan goes to her for a job and she puts Aryaan on the job and when she checks his background, she finds out that he is the son of the same woman who had a second marriage with her father. Because of this, she is left alone, so she is very angry with Aryaan.

Sherry meets with Mehwish and conspires with him that when 3 months of Aryaan’s job are about to be completed, Mehwish conspires to get him out of his job by making him fight, and later when she she meets his mother, he regrets his actions.

Jhoom Drama Geo TV

Javed Sheikh

Javed Sheikh is also a part of the main cast and he is playing the role of Sidra Niazi’s father in the drama he runs an orphanage where he takes great care of the little children.

cast of Jhoom Drama

Reham Rafiq as Teena

Reham Rafiq plays the role of Teena in this drama and she is Aryaan’s friend on one occasion she gets shot by Ali and that is why Ali and Ali fight each other. He is a famous social media artist and has a huge fan following on social media. Hope you will like Reham Rafiq’s inclusion in the Jhoom drama cast.

jhoom drama cast name

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