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Geo TV has launched a new drama for its viewers called Khaie. Viewers have been waiting for this drama for a long time because Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is one of the most-watched actresses in Pakistan, and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is playing the lead role in this drama. We have provided complete details of the Khaie drama cast, story, timing, and cast of the drama in this article, and we hope you will like this information.

If you like Pakistani dramas, then you will find complete information on all telecasted dramas in Pakistan on our site. Currently airing dramas on different channels in Pakistan, including Jaan e Jahan, Baylagaam, Zulm, and Ishq Murshid, details are also available on this site. You must see the details once. Which actor in the Pakistani drama industry do you like the most in the comment section?

Khaie Drama Cast

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, the most-watched actress in Pakistan these days, has been included in the main cast of the drama Serial Khaie, who is also currently playing the lead roles in the dramas Jaise Aapki Marzi and Ishq Murshid. In the drama with Dur-e-Fishan, you will see Faisal Qureshi, who is playing a unique and important role. The other cast of the drama includes senior and young actors, whose details are provided below.

Genres:Drama, Thriller
Channel:Geo Tv
Production:7th Sky Entertainment
Director :Ali Faizan
Writer  :Maha Malik
Producer:Abdullah Kadwani

Cast List:

Faysal QuraishiChannar Khan
Dur e Fishan SaleemZamda
Noor Ul HassanDarwesh Khan
Khalid ButtDuraab Khan
Saba FaisalHusn Bano
Uzma HassanGul Wareen
Laila WastiBareera
Osama TahirBadal
Shuja AsadBarlas
Mah-E-Nur HaiderApana
Shamyl KhanGulab Khan
Hina BayatBakhtwar
Javed JamalUpdating
Nabeel ZuberiPamir
Hassan NomanUpdating

Khaie Drama Timing

The drama serial Khaie was released on January 3, 2023, and Geo TV telecasts the drama on its official cable TV every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. The drama can be watched live on Geo TV’s official website at 8 p.m. If you can’t watch this drama live, then the new episode is uploaded on Geo TV’s official YouTube channel on Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m.

The drama episodes are also re-telecast on Thursday and Friday at 1 p.m. If you cannot watch the drama at 8 p.m., you can watch it during the day.

Khaie Drama Story

The drama serial Khaie is the story of two families living in the tribal areas of Pakistan. One of them is the family of Noor ul Hasan, who is the enemy of Faisal Qureshi’s family. Faisal Qureshi and his father kill Noorul Hasan’s father, which leads to their enmity, after which Noor ul Hasan goes abroad with his wife, after which he returns after 25 years and tries to end the enmity with Faisal Qureshi’s family.

Faisal Qureshi already has two wives, but when Noor ul Hassan returns with his family, Faisal Qureshi takes a liking to her daughter Dur e Fishan, after which he marries Hina as a condition to end their enmity with her father. Dur e Fishan loves one of her cousins in Pakistan and wants to marry him, but her father marries her to Faisal Qureshi. But after her marriage, instead of ending, the enmity increases.

Khaie Drama Cast Real Name

For those viewers who are not at all familiar with the cast of the drama, we have provided the original names and pictures of the cast of the drama here, with the help of which you will be able to get familiar with the cast of the drama. I hope you will like this effort, and if you like this information, then please share this post with your friends.

Dur e Fishan Saleem as Zamda

In the drama serial Khaie, Dur e Fishan plays the role of a tribal girl who comes back to Pakistan after spending 25 years abroad with her family. There is enmity between his father and Faisal Qureshi’s family, due to which his father spent 25 years abroad. Dur e Fishan loves a cousin of hers who lives in Pakistan and wants to marry him, but her father marries her to Faisal Qureshi to end their old enmity.

Currently, Dur-e-Fishan is playing the lead role in the super hit drama serial Jaise Aapki Marzi which is being telecast on ARY Digital, and she also plays a lead role in Hum TV’s super hit drama serial Ishq Murshad. Dur-e-Fishan was born in 1996 and belongs to the city of Lahore in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Dur-e-Fishan Saleem’s birthday is on the 14th of January every year. Her first drama serial was telecast on Hum TV in 2020, and the name of this drama was Dil Ruba. She play an important role in Khaie drama cast.

Khai Drama

Faysal Quraishi as Channar Khan

Faisal Qureshi is also included in the main cast of the drama, and he is playing the role of a cruel landlord. He has two wives, but when he sees Dur e Fishan, he falls in love with her and wants to marry her, after which he convinces his father to marry Dur e Fishan to end his enmity with Noor ul Hasan. The condition of his marriage is kept, and after that, he gets married to Hina, but instead of ending their enmity, it increases.

Faisal Qureshi is one of the most successful and senior actors in Pakistan. He has played lead roles in numerous super-hit Pakistani dramas, including Zulm, Siyaah, Farq, Dil-e-Momin, and Fitoor. Faisal Qureshi was born in 1973 in Lahore, and his birthday is on October 26 every year. He started his career as a child actor, and his first drama serial was Andhera Ujala. Faisal Qureshi started acting regularly in 2013, and to date, he is associated with this field.

Khai Drama Cast

Noor Ul Hassan as Darwesh Khan

In this drama, Noor ul Hasan plays the role of a man who leaves Pakistan and goes abroad due to family enmity and returns after 25 years with his wife and three children. He tries to end his family rivalry, but to end this rivalry, he has to marry his daughter Faisal Qureshi against her will. But when he marries his daughter to Faisal Qureshi, Faisal Qureshi’s family, instead of ending this enmity, increases the enmity, due to which many lives end.

Noorul Hasan is a senior and successful actor from Pakistan who has played the lead role in numerous super-hit dramas. He was born in 1971, and his birthday is on February 25 every year. Noor ul Hasan started his career with the drama serial Teen Bata Teen in 1995, and this drama was telecast on PTV. His famous dramas include Ishq Murshid, Jeevan Nagar, Mannat Murad, Bakhtawar, and Samjhota.

Khai Drama Crew

Khalid Butt as Duraab Khan

In this drama, Khalid Butt is also a part of the main cast, and he is playing the role of Duraab Khan. He is Noorul Hasan’s enemy in the drama and has killed Noor ul Hasan’s father, and when Noor ul Hasan comes to him to end the enmity, he offers his son in marriage to Noor ul Hasan’s daughter, Dur e Fishan. Faisal Qureshi and Dur e Fishan get married.

Khalid Butt’s full name is Khalid Saleem Butt, and he belongs to the famous city of Multan in the province of Pakistan. He has been associated with the Pakistani drama industry since 1980 and has played lead roles in numerous Pakistani super-hit dramas and films. Khalid Butt’s famous dramas include Jeevan Nagar, Terha Aangan, Ishq e Laa, Saza e Ishq, and Tum Se Kehna Tha. Hope you like his acting in Khaie drama cast.

Khai Drama Story

Saba Faisal as Husn Bano

Saba Faisal is playing the role of Husn Bano in the drama, who is Noor ul Hasan’s begum and Dur e Fishan’s mother. She is against her husband returning to Pakistan and reconciling with Khalid Butt because she thinks this family rivalry will cost many lives and Khalid Butt’s family will not reconcile, but her husband Noor ul Hasan does not agree and tries to make peace with Khalid Butt’s family.

Khai Drama Timing

Uzma Hassan as Gul Wareen

Khai Drama Release Date

Laila Wasti as Bareera

Khaie Drama

Osama Tahir as Badal

Khaie Drama Cast

Shuja Asad as Barlas

Khaie Drama Timing

Mah-E-Nur Haider as Apana

Khaie Drama Story

Shamyl Khan as Gulab Khan

Khaie Drama Geo TV

Hina Bayat as Bakhtwar

Khaie Drama cast name

Nabeel Zuberi as Pamir

Khaie Drama cast real name

Hassan Noman

Khaie Drama cast pics

Javed Jamal

Khaie Drama cast photos

Here we have provided complete information about the Khaie drama cast, timing, story, and Geo TV. Our website has complete information on all telecasted dramas in Pakistan. If you want, you can check out the information on other dramas on our website.

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