Khumar Drama Cast: Timing – Story – Real Name With Pictures

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Geo TV dramas are very popular in Pakistan and all over the world, where Urdu is considered the language. Geo TV has now launched a new drama for its viewers called Khumar. Viewers want to know in detail about the drama, so we have shared here the Khumar drama cast, story, timing, and original names and photos of the cast, and we hope you will like this information.

Earlier, we also shared the complete details of the dramas telecasted on different television channels in Pakistan, including Namak Haram, Rah e Junoon, Ishq Murshid, and Mein on our website. If you want to see the details of these dramas, then visit our site’s homepage. These dramas are also counted among the super-hit dramas telecast in Pakistan.

Khumar Drama Cast

Khumar Drama is a super hit drama in Pakistan, and the main cast of the drama includes Pakistan superstar Feroze Khan, who has previously played the lead role in Geo TV’s super hit drama serial Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3.

Along with Feroze Khan, Neelam Muneer has been added to the lead cast, who has previously played the lead role in the drama serial Ehram e Junoon opposite Imran Abbas. The other main cast includes Adnan Samad Khan, Behroze Sabzwari, Hina Khawaja Bayat, and Agha Mustafa Hassan, who are among the best actors in Pakistan.

Production:7th Sky Entertainment
Director :Ali Faizan
Writer  :Maha Malik
Producer:Abdullah Kadwani

Cast List 

Real NameRole
Feroze KhanFaiz
Neelam MuneerHareem
Adnan SamadNasir
Minsa MalikLaiba
Behroze SabzwariSheikh Furqan
Kinza MalikAtiya
Hina KhawajaKehkasha Begam
Zainab QayyumDil Aara
Asma AbbasDurdana
Agha MustafaRayyan
Sheherzade NoorHamna
Minza WaqasHusna
Hamza TariqRufi
Ayesha RajpootShagufta
Sohail MasoodMirza Sahab
Shehryar ZaidiTuafeeq
Birjees FarooquiSalma

Khumar Drama Timing

Geo TV was released on November 24, 2023, and this drama is telecast every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Viewers who cannot watch the drama on Geo TV’s official cable channel can also watch the drama on Geo TV’s official YouTube channel. A new episode of the drama is uploaded every Friday and Saturday night at 9:15 PM on YouTube. Apart from this, the episodes of the drama are telecast again on Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m.

Khumar Drama Story

The drama serial Khumar revolves around the lives of Feroze Khan and Neelam Muneer. Feroze Khan’s family is poor, but later his father becomes rich in different ways. Neelam Muneer’s family is a middle-class family that is living very hard. Feroze Khan helps his friend a lot and likes his friend’s sister a lot, but his own family is not in favor of this marriage.

Feroze Khan, Neelam Muneer’s brother’s common friend, also like Neelam Muneer, convinces his family to marry Neelam Muneer and sends his family to Neelam Muneer’s house to witness the engagement of Neelam Muneer and Adnan Samad Khan. It happens, which makes Feroze Khan very sad, and later Neelam Muneer and Feroze Khan get married. Both have to go through many difficulties in this marriage. The story of the drama is wonderful and different from other dramas, and surely the audience will like this story.

Khumar Drama Cast Real Name

Viewers are mostly familiar with the main cast of dramas, but there are also a large number of viewers who are not at all familiar with the cast of the drama. For such viewers, we have shared the real names and photos of all the cast of the Khumar drama here, with which you will be able to get to know the cast of the drama better. The short biography of the cast of the drama and information about their role in the drama are also shared below.

Feroze Khan as Faiz

Feroze Khan is part of the main cast of the drama serial Khumar, and he is playing the role of Faiz. Faiz is the younger son of rich parents, but he is poor at first, and he still has friends from the area he used to belong to who are poor, but his family doesn’t like his friends. Faiz falls in love with his friend’s sister and wants to marry her, but his friend’s sister Hareem’s marriage is fixed with another friend of his.

Feroze Khan is one of the most-watched actors in Pakistan. He was born in 1990 in Quetta, and his birthday is on July 11th. He started his career in showbiz in 2014 with the Geo TV drama serial Bikhra Mera Naseeb, in which he played the role of Harib. He has also played the lead role in Geo TV’s super hit drama series Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 and Aye Musht-E-Khaak. Other famous plays by Feroze Khan include Dil Kiya Karay, Khaani, Ishqiya, Woh Aik Pal, and Tumse Mil Kay.

Khumar Drama

Neelam Muneer as Hareem

Neelam Muneer plays the role of Hareem in the drama, who belongs to a poor family. Hareem’s father is a retired teacher, and her house is running on his pension. Hareem supports her family by doing various jobs and bears the expenses of her brother’s education. She organizes various events and gets income from them, which Faiz secretly helps her with. She doesn’t know who is helping her, so she feels love in her heart for that person who is secretly helping her.

Neelam Muneer is a popular Pakistani actress who has worked in numerous super-hit dramas before. Before this drama, she worked with Bilal Abbas in Pakistan’s famous drama serial Ehram e Junoon. Neelam Munir was born in 1992 and belongs to Mardan city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Now she lives in Karachi. She celebrates her birthday on March 20 every year. Popular dramas by Neelam Munir include Mohabbat Daagh Ki Surat, Bikhray Moti, Dil Mom Ka Diya, Qayamat, and Dil Nawaz.

Khumar Drama Cast

Adnan Samad as Nasir

Adnan Samad Khan is part of the main cast of the drama and plays the role of Nasir, who is a friend of Feroze Khan and Hamza Tariq. He likes his friend Hamza Tariq’s sister and wants to marry her, but his mother is not happy with the marriage because her mother wants her son to marry a girl from a rich family. At the time of marriage, they brought a lot of dowry. But Nasir somehow convinces his mother and gets engaged to Hareem. He plays a negative role in the Khumar drama cast.

Adnan Samad Khan is a great actor who got the most fame for his drama serial Ehd e Wafa, in which he played the role of Captain Gulzar. In this drama, he worked with Ahad Raza Mir, Ali Akbar, and Osman Khalid Butt. Currently, he is playing the lead role in ARY Digital’s super-hit drama serial Sukoon, along with Ahsan Khan.

Khumar Drama Timing

Minsa Malik as Laiba

Minsa Malik plays the role of the younger sister of Feroze Khan and Agha Mustafa and the daughter of Behrooz Sabzwari in the drama serial Khumar. She belongs to a rich family and lives to a high standard. Minsa Malik is an excellent actress who has worked as a supporting actress in various dramas. Viewers love her acting, and very soon she will be among the top actresses in Pakistan. She looks so cute in Khumar Drama Cast.

Khumar Drama Story

Behroze Sabzwari as Sheikh Furqan

Behrooz Sabzwari is playing the role of a businessman in the drama who was poor at first but later became rich. He is a miser who keeps his wealth very high. Behroz Sabzwari believes in everything his wife says and does what she says. Before this, he also played the lead role in the super-hit drama serial Yunhi.

Khumar Drama Real Name

Kinza Malik as Atiya

Kanza Malik is also a part of the main cast of the drama, and she is playing the role of Neelam Muneer’s mother in the drama. She is a sick woman, and for the treatment of her illness, a lot of money is being spent every month, due to which she is very worried. She loves her daughter a lot because she cares for her a lot.

Khumar Drama cast Pictures

Hina Khawaja as Kehkasha Begam

Hina Khawaja is one of the best actresses in Pakistan and is playing the role of Kehkasha Begam in this drama. She is the wife of a rich husband and spends a lot of money on frivolities. Her younger son’s friends are poor, with whom he spends his time and helps them, which she does not like at all, and she always scolds her son not to mess with such poor friends. When her son wants to marry a poor girl, she opposes him.

Khumar Drama cast name

Zainab Qayyum as Dil Aara

Zainab Qayyum is playing the role of Agha Mustafa’s mother-in-law in the drama, who does not like Agha Mustafa’s mother at all but praises her a lot in front of her. She has earlier played the role of Neelam Muneer’s mother in the drama serial Ehram e Junoon, and this drama was also a super hit on Geo TV.

Khumar Drama cast pics

Asma Abbas as Durdana

Asma Abbas is also part of the main cast of the drama serial Khumar and plays the role of Adnan Samad Khan’s mother in the drama, who plays the role of a greedy woman. She wants to get her son married into a rich family, but her son wants to marry a poor girl, which she opposes. But when her son explains to her that the girl earns a lot of money, she agrees to the marriage.

Agha Mustafa as Rayyan

Agha Mustafa is playing the role of Rayyan in the drama, who is the brother of Feroze Khan and the son of Behrooz Sabzwari. He does business with his father and takes care of his employees. Rayyan also supports his brother in every matter, but he obeys his mother in everything. He has also played the lead role in Geo TV’s super-hit drama serial Tere Bin and is still telecasting his super-hit drama serial Mein on ARY Digital.

Sheherzade Noor as Hamna

Minza Waqas as Husna

Hamza Tariq as Rufi

Ayesha Rajpoot as Shagufta

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