Mayi Ri Drama Cast Real Name With Pictures And Biography

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ARY is one of the best entertainment channels broadcasting quality dramas in Pakistan and ARY Digital dramas are loved by viewers. One of the super hit dramas to be telecast on ARY Digital in 2023 is the drama Mayi Ri, released last year on August 2, 2023. Even today, viewers watch this drama online in large numbers. In this article, we have shared the original names and photos of the Mayi Ri drama cast.

Mayi Ri drama was telecasted in August 2023 and the drama had a total of 55 episodes. Currently, many super hit dramas are being telecasted in Pakistan, including Kalank, Pagal Khana, Sukoon, Zulm, and Ishq Murshid, and we have shared the complete details of these dramas with you on this site.

Mayi Ri Drama Cast

The main reason for the success of the Mayi Ri drama is the wonderful cast of the drama in which the audience saw a very young couple for the first time and the performance of this couple was highly appreciated. Samar Jafri and Aina Asif are included in the main cast, Nauman Ijaz, Maria Wasti, Saad Zameer, Paras Masroor, and Rimha Ahmed are also included in the other cast. The full cast list, real names, and photos are below.

Cast List:

  • Samar Jafri as Fakhir
  • Aina Asif as Annie
  • Nauman Ijaz as Zaheer
  • Maria Wasti as Samina
  • Saad Zameer Fareedi as Habib
  • Maya Khan as Ayesha
  • Hiba Ali Khan as Raheela
  • Paras Masroor as Faraz
  • Arshea Akbar as Kiran
  • Sajida Syed as Annie Dadi
  • Amna Malick as Saiqa
  • Rimha Ahmed as Amna
  • Bisma Babar as Aliya
  • Faham Usman as Jamshed
  • Diya Mughal as Fehmi

Mayi Ri Drama Details

Genres:Drama, Suspense
Channel:ARY Digital
Duration:40 Min
Production:Big Bang Entertainment
Director :Syed Meesam
Writer  :Sana Fahad

Mayi Ri Drama Cast Name With Pictures

Because many viewers are not completely familiar with the cast of the Mayi Ri drama, so we have shared with you here the real names and pictures of the cast of the drama. Along with this, we have also shared with you the short biography of the cast so that you can get to know the cast of the drama better and if you see an actor of the same drama in another drama, you can recognize them by their real name.

Samar Jafri as Fakhir

Samar Jafri is part of the main cast of this drama and he is playing the role of Fakhir in the drama, he gets married to one of his cousins at a very young age but he does not take good care of his wife after marriage. After some time he starts liking his wife and they start living happily together.

Samar Jafri is a young actor who started his career in showbiz with music and he also does modelling. He started his career with this drama serial Mayi Ri and the audience liked his acting a lot and due to this performance, his fan following increased greatly. Samar Jafri is 21 years old and he is a rising star of Pakistan.

mayi ri drama cast

Aina Asif as Annie

Aina Asif was included in the main cast of the drama Mayi Ri and played the role of Annie in the drama. Annie is an innocent girl who lives with her parents but her father wants to marry her to one of her cousins at a very young age, she doesn’t want to get married yet and her mother is also against this marriage Still, her father marries her daughter after which her life changes. She play an active role in Mayi Ri drama cast.

Aina Asif is a young actress who started her career with Hum TV’s popular drama serial Hum Tum. When she started acting, she started her career as a child actress. She has also played lead roles in Jannat Se Aagay, Baby Baji, Pehchaan, and Mein Kahani Hun dramas.

mayi ri cast

Nauman Ijaz as Zaheer

Nauman Ijaz is also a part of the main cast of the drama serial Mayi Ri and he is playing the role of Zaheer in the drama who happens to be Fakhir’s father. He gets his son married to his brother’s daughter at a very young age. Zaheer’s mother is the reason for making this marriage so soon because she wants their marriage to be done quickly.

Nauman Ijaz is a senior and successful actor in Pakistan. He started his career in showbiz in 1990 with the drama serial Fishaar and this drama was telecasted on Pakistan Television. Nauman Ijaz belongs to the famous city of Lahore in Pakistan and his famous drama serials include Sang-e-Mah, Raqeeb Se, Parizaad, and Kaisi Teri Khudgarzir.

mayi ri drama cast name with photo

Maria Wasti as Samina

Maria Wasti is also part of the main cast of the drama and she is playing the role of Samina who is Fakhir’s mother in the drama. She does not want to marry her son so soon and she does not want to marry Annie at all, but because of her husband, her son gets married to Annie, but after the marriage, she annoys Annie a lot.

Maria Wasti is a famous and successful actress and her age is 43 years and she is still unmarried. Popular dramas of Maria Wasti include Aik Sitam Aur, Croron Mein Khel, Aik Aur Sitam, and Ustani Jee. Hope you like her performance in Mayi Ri drama cast

mayi ri pakistani drama cast name with photo

Maya Khan as Ayesha

Maya Khan is also included in the drama’s cast and she is playing the role of Ayesha, the mother of Annie in the drama. She does not want to marry her daughter at an early age, but her husband and her mother-in-law force her to agree to this marriage. Maya Ali is an excellent actress who has restarted her career in the drama industry after a long break and the audience has liked her return to showbiz a lot. Her age is 34 years and she has seen the essence of her acting in various dramas.

mayi ri full cast

Saad Zameer as Habib

Saad Zameer is playing the role of Annie’s father Habib in the drama serial Mayi Ri, he wants to marry his daughter at a young age at the request of his mother, but his wife does not agree to this and his daughter also does not agree to this marriage. She is not happy because she wants to study more and get married after making her career. Saad Zameer is a senior actor who has also played the lead role in Hum TV’s popular drama serial Yunhi. His role in Mayi Ri drama cast is wonderful.

cast of mayi ri

Hiba Ali Khan as Raheela

mayi ri pakistani drama cast

Paras Masroor as Faraz

mayi ri characters name

Arshea Akbar as Kiran

mayi ri cast name

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