Nafrat Drama Cast: Timing – Story – Real Name With Photo

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Hum TV always airs the best and most successful dramas for its viewers, which are loved by the viewers. At the beginning of 2024, a new drama called Nafrat was started. We have provided complete information about the Nafrat drama cast, timing, and story for viewers in this article, which you will like. If you like this information, then definitely share this post with your friends on social media.

All the details of all the best and most popular dramas, including Takabur, Jaan e Jahan, Namak Haram, and Ishq Murshid, telecasted in Pakistan earlier, are also available on our site. You must see the details of these dramas once. Which is your favorite Pakistani drama, and which actor’s performance do you like the most in this drama? Please let us know in the comment section.

Nafrat Drama Cast

The main cast of the drama serial Nafrat includes young and new stars of the Pakistan showbiz industry, including Anika Zulfikar, Uzair Jaswal, Shahbaz Shigri, and Najiba Faiz. Other cast members include Hina Tariq, Komal Anum, and Adnan Jilali. Complete cast details, including the cast list, real names, and photos of the cast, are below so you can get to know the cast better.

Genres:Drama, Romantic
Channel:Hum Tv
Production:Momina Duraid Productions
Director :Hisham Syed
Writer  :Madiha Shahid
Producer:Momina Duraid

Cast List

  • Aniqa Zulfiqar
  • Uzair Jaswal
  • Shahbaz Shigri
  • Hina Tariq
  • Komal Anum
  • Adnan Jillani
  • Najiba Faiz
  • Nargis Rasheed
  • Ghazala Butt
  • Rubina Naz

Nafrat Drama Timing

The drama serial Nafrat was released on January 12, 2024, and the drama is telecast every day at 7 p.m. on Hum TV. The main reason for the popularity of the drama is that it is televised daily. If you are not able to watch this drama on Hum TV’s official cable channel, then you can also watch this drama on Ham TV’s official YouTube channel, and so far millions of people have watched the episodes of this drama on YouTube.

Nafrat Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Nafrat revolves around the life of an innocent girl, Zaibu. Zaibu’s mother dies in her childhood, and her father also leaves her and goes abroad and settles there. She lives at her aunt’s house (her mother’s sister), where her aunt gives her a good education and her cousin takes a liking to her.

Zaibu’s cousin loves her and wants to marry her, but the story takes a new turn when one of Zaibu’s friends, Saba, meets her cousin. Saba starts liking Zaibu’s cousin and wants to marry him, so she tries to get Zaibu married somewhere else so that she can marry Zaibu’s cousin. This is a drama with a great story that you can watch daily.

Nafrat Drama Cast Real Name With Photos

As we have already told you, the cast of the drama has included new young actors from the Pakistan showbiz industry, which very few viewers are familiar with, so here we have shared the original names and photos of the Nafrat drama cast with you. We have also provided a short biography of the cast so that you can get to know them.

Aniqa Zulfiqar as Zaibu

Aniqa Zulfiqar is part of the main cast of this drama, and she is playing the role of Zaibu, who is an innocent girl whose mother died in her childhood; her father also left her; and she lives with her aunt. She loves her cousin and wants to marry him, but due to some constraints, she cannot marry her cousin.

Anika Zulfikar is one of the most beautiful and modern actresses in Pakistan. She is very popular not only for acting but also for modeling and is often criticized for her bold pictures on social media. Anika Zulfikar was born in Canada, and her parents are from Pakistan. She has also worked in the drama serials Namak Haram and Barzakh before this. It is hoped that viewers will like her inclusion in the Nafrat drama cast.

Nafrat Drama

Uzair Jaswal as Araiz

Uzair Jaswal is playing the role of Araiz in this drama, and he happens to be Zaibu’s cousin, loves her, and wants to marry her. Zaibu also wants to marry him, but Zaibu’s friend creates problems in their marriage because she wants to marry Araiz.

Uzair Jaswal is a famous Pakistani singer, model, songwriter, and actor. He was born in 1992, and his birthday is on November 22. He wrote his first song at the age of 14 and sang his first song at the age of 16. Uzair Jaswal also played the lead role in the drama serial Shayad and Moray Saiyaan before this drama.

Nafrat Drama Cast

Shahbaz Shigri as Shahnawaz

Shahbaz Shigri is one of the most talented models and actors in Pakistan. He was born in 1988, and his birthday is on February 24. He belongs to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Shahbaz Shigri started his career in showbiz with the super-hit Pakistani film Slackistan, which was released in 2010. His first drama, Qurbatain, was telecasted on Hum TV in 2020.

Nafrat Drama Timing

Hina Tariq as Saba

Hina Tariq is an emerging actress from Pakistan. In this drama, she plays a negative role as someone who likes her friend’s cousin and cheats her friend into marrying him. She was born in 1999 and belongs to the largest city in Pakistan, Karachi. This is Hina’s first drama; before that, she was only associated with modeling and has worked with various national and international brands. She plays an important role in the Nafrat drama cast.

Nafrat Drama Story

Komail Anam as Fawad

Komail Anam is also part of the main cast of the drama, and he is playing the role of Fawad in the drama, with whom Zaibu’s marriage is fixed. He is an excellent young actor who has previously played the lead role in ARY Digital’s super-hit drama serial Sinf e Aahan. Komail Anam was born in 1995, and his birthday is on February 25th. His other dramas include Sinf e Aahan, Chamak Damak, and Jaise Aapki Marzi.

Nafrat Drama Real Name With Photo

Adnan Jillani

Nafrat Drama cast name

Najiba Faiz as Shagufta

Nafrat Drama cast pics

Nargis Rasheed

Nafrat Drama crew

Ghazala Butt

Nafrat Drama cast pictures

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