Namak Haram Drama Cast: Timing – Story – Real Name With Pics

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As you know, Hum TV announced the start of new dramas for its viewers in November, so Hum TV has released its super hit and most popular drama serial, Namak Haram. For those viewers who want to know the details of the drama, we have shared the Namak Haram drama cast, story, timing, real names, and photos of the cast in this article so that these viewers can provide the information as per their desire.

Earlier, we also shared complete details of all telecasted dramas in Pakistan on our site, which included information about Mein, Jaise Aapki Marzi, Ishq Murshid, and Sukoon dramas. I hope you will also like the information about these dramas. Which is your favorite drama, and on which channel is it broadcast? Please let us know in the comment section.

Namak Haram Drama Cast

The cast of the drama serial Namak Haram includes the best actors in the Pakistan showbiz industry, and the highlight of the cast of the drama is the super hit couple Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan from the super hit drama Hum TV. This couple was liked a lot, and the Raqs e Bismal drama was also the most popular in Pakistan.

Other cast members include Babar Ali, Sajawal Khan, Anika Zulfikar, and Nabeela Khan. This is the super-hit cast of the Pakistani drama industry, whose acting is very much liked. The original names and photos of the cast are provided below.

Cast List

  • Sarah Khan
  • Imran Ashraf
  • Babar Ali
  • Sajawal Khan
  • Anika Zulfikar
  • Nabeela Khan
  • Sunita Marshal
  • Mohsin Ejaz
  • Salma Asim

Namak Haram Drama Timing

Viewers will be able to watch the drama serial Namak Haram every Friday at 8 p.m. on the official cable channel of Hum TV. This drama was released on November 3, and so far, one episode of the drama has been telecasted. If you can’t watch this drama at night, then you can watch it at 9 a.m. on weekdays. Apart from this, you can also watch NamakHaram Drama on the official YouTube channel of Hum TV. The new episode of the drama is uploaded on YouTube every Friday at 9:15 PM.

Apart from 8 p.m., the drama is telecast on Fridays at 11 p.m. The episode of the drama is also re-released on Saturdays at 3 p.m.

Namak Haram Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Namak Haram revolves around the life of an employee who lives with his boss. This story revolves around the life of a servant named Mureed, who is employed by Babar Ali, who is a prominent businessman. Mureed’s father is also an employee of Babar Ali and is loyal to his master, but his master humiliates him by blaming him, due to which Mureed’s father commits suicide, and Mureed is only 7 years old.

Babar Ali has two daughters; his elder daughter is Sarah, who is very virtuous, but the servant Mureed accuses her according to his plan and makes her fall in the eyes of the family. Mureed betrays his masters to avenge his father’s death.

Namak Haram Drama Cast Real Name

As we have already mentioned, we will share the original names and pictures of the cast of the drama with you in this article so that you can get better acquainted with the cast of the drama. A little detail about the real names of all the actors and their roles in the drama has also been provided. I am sure you will like this information, and we request that you share this post with your friends on social media.

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is part of the main cast of the drama serial Namak Haram, and she is playing the role of Babar Ali’s elder daughter in the drama. She is playing the role of a righteous girl in the drama who hides from other boys and prays five times. Her family wants to marry her to a boy, but a servant of her house ends the relationship with his conspiracy.

Then his house servant defames her with a conspiracy, which makes Sarah Khan’s family think she is very bad. Sarah Khan is a beautiful and best actress in Pakistan who has previously played the lead role in Pakistan’s super hit drama serial Raqs e Bismal along with Imran Ashraf. She was born in 1992, belongs to Karachi, and celebrates her birthday on July 14. Sarah Khan is married to the famous Pakistani singer Falak Shabeer. She started her career in showbiz in 2012 with the drama serial Badi Aapa, which was telecast on Hum TV.

Namak Haram Drama

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf is part of the main cast of the drama, and he is playing the role of Mureed. Mureed is an employee of a big business, and his father is also an employee of the same family, but due to the accusations of the family, his father has committed suicide, which makes Mureed very sad.

Since he thinks that the reason for his father’s death is the family he works for, he disturbs the family with various plots and shows that he is very loyal to them. Imran Ashraf is an excellent actor who has played lead roles in many super-hit dramas before. He has worked with Sarah Khan before. Imran Ashraf was born in 1989 and belongs to Peshawar, and his birthday is on September 11. He started his career in showbiz as a child actor. Imran Ashraf’s best dramas include Heer Da Hero, Chaudhry and Sons, Badzaat, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, and Lashkara.

Namak Haram Drama Cast

Babar Ali

In the drama serial Namak Haram, Babar Ali plays the role of a big businessman who is very powerful. He has two daughters with whom, whenever he tries to have a relationship, some problems arise in their relationship. One of his employees, Mureed, has various conspiracies in his house, about which he does not know. Babar Ali is one of the best drama and film actresses in Pakistan. She started her career in showbiz with Pakistani films.

Namak Haram Drama Timing

Anika Zulfikar

In the drama serial Namak Haram, Anika Zulfikar also plays the lead role, and in the drama, she plays the roles of Babar Ali’s younger daughter and Sarah Khan’s younger sister. Anika Zulfikar likes Mureed, a young servant of her house, and wants to marry him. She thinks that Mureed also loves her. Anika Zulfikar’s family arranges her marriage with one of her cousins, but she tries to prove to her fiance that she loves Mureed with her words. Hope you like here performance in Namak Haram Drama Cast.

Anika Zulfikar is one of the most beautiful and modern actresses in Pakistan. She is very popular not only for acting but also for modeling and is often criticized for her bold pictures on social media. Anika Zulfikar was born in Canada, and her parents are from Pakistan. She has also worked in the drama serial Majboor-o-Mamool and Barzakh before this. It is hoped that viewers will like her inclusion in the Namak Haram drama cast.

Namak Haram Drama Story

Sajawal Khan

Sajawal Khan is also part of the cast of the drama and he is playing the role of Saraھ Khan and Anika Zulfikar’s cousin in the drama. He is engaged to his cousin Anika Zulfikar and he is happy about the marriage, but when he meets and talks to his cousin Anika Zulfikar, he realizes that her cousin is dating Mureed, his housekeeper.

After which he does not agree to this marriage. Sajawal Khan belongs to a family of actors, his father Jahangir Khan is also an actor and his mother Nabila Khan is also an actress. He belongs to Karachi and lives in Karachi with his family.

Namak Haram Drama Real Name

Nabeela Khan

The main cast of the drama serial Namak Haram includes Nabeela Khan who is playing the role of Babar Ali’s sister and Sajawal Khan’s mother in the drama. She belongs to a rich family and wants to marry her son to her brother’s daughter, her son first agrees to this marriage, but later he refuses this marriage. Nabeela Khan was born in 1973 and her birthday falls on 10th February. She is one of the senior actors of Pakistan and she has also played an important role in the drama serial Inkaar, Ishqiya, and Muqaddar. She also play an important role in Namak Haram Drama Cast.

Namak Haram Drama Pics

Sunita Marshal

In the drama serial Namak Haram, Sunita Marshal will also be seen by the audience playing an important role. She is playing the role of Babar Ali’s girlfriend in this drama, about which Babar Ali’s family does not know anything. Sunita Marshal is counted among the top 20 successful actresses of Pakistan.

She was born in 1981 and her birthday is on the 9th of April every year. Sunita Marshal started her career with Hum TV’s famous drama serial Shiddat in 2005 and she has also played the lead role in Pakistan’s super hit drama serial Khuda Aur Mohabbate Season 3. Her other famous dramas include Baby Baji, Pinjra, Dhund, and Dil-e-Beqarar.

Namak Haram Drama cast name

Mohsin Ejaz

Namak Haram Drama cast real name

Salma Asim

cast of Namak Haram Drama

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