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Tum Mere Kya Ho is a new Pakistani drama that has been released by Hum TV recently and a huge number of viewers are watching this drama, So we have provided complete information on the Tum Mere Kya Ho drama cast, story, and timing here for the convenience of viewers. The main cast includes Adnan Raza Mir, Arsalan Asad Butt, Ameema Saleem, and Daniyal Qureshi, complete details of which are available below.

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Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama Cast

The main cast of the drama also includes Adnan Raza Mir, the brother of Pakistani superstar Ahad Raza Mir, who has also played the lead role with Hamza Sohail in the Fairy Tale drama. Khadija Saleem, Daniyal Qureshi, Tehseen Wajahat, and Fahima Awan have been included in the other cast whose performances are very outstanding and you must let us know in the comment section which actor’s performance you liked the most.

Tum Mere Kya Ho Cast List

  • Adnan Raza Mir
  • Arsalan Asad Butt
  • Daniyal Qureshi
  • Ameema Saleem
  • Ariba Mir
  • Khadija Saleem
  • Tasneem Ansari
  • Hina Rizvi
  • Ambar Khan
  • Khalid Bin Shaheen
  • Tehseen Wajahat
  • Fahima Awan

Channel:Hum TV
Duration:36 Min
Production:Momina Duraid
Director :Haseeb Ali
Writer  :Hina Huma Nafees

Adnan Raza Mir as Zohaib

Adnan Raza plays the main role in the drama. He was earlier part of the lead cast of the popular drama serial Fairy Tale. Adnan was born in Canada in 1998. He belongs to a showbiz family, so he has chosen showbiz as his career. Tum Mere Kya Ho drama is his third drama and hope you will like Adnan Raza’s inclusion in Tum Mere Kya Ho drama cast.

Adnan raza picture with dramaor site logo in background because he is in Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama Cast.

Arsalan Butt as Ahsan

Arsalan Butt is part of the main cast of Tum Mere Kya Ho drama and he is playing the role of Ahsan in the drama. Before this, he also played an important role in Hum TV’s super hit drama serial Meesni, know more about drama Meesni. Arsalan Butt is a young actor who was born in 1992 and belongs to Lahore. He started his career in showbiz with Hum TV’s drama serial Dhol Bajnay Laga in 2014.

Tum Mere Kya Ho Pakistani Drama Cast.

Daniyal Khan as Umair

Daniyal Khan is a budding actor who is working in this drama. He is a voice artist and started his career in this field but now he has joined the Pakistan drama industry and works in Mere Damad. Tum Mere Kya Ho drama is Daniyal Khan’s best drama and we hope that his performance will be liked by the audience and we will see him playing important roles in other dramas as well.

Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama timing

Ameema Saleem Khan as Hadia

Ameema Saleem Khan is a beautiful addition to the Pakistan drama industry who joined this industry in 2024 itself. She started her career with modeling 2 years ago and now she is seen for the first time in Hum TV’s drama serial Very Filmy ( Very Filmy drama details )and now she is playing an important role in this drama as well. Ameema Saleem Khan belongs to Lahore, the largest city of Punjab province of Pakistan and she was born in 1998.

Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama  cast name

Ariba Mir

This is Ariba Mir’s first drama, before that she had not acted in any Pakistani drama or film. She is a famous social media celebrity in Pakistan who has joined showbiz. The number of Ariba Mir‘s fans on social media is huge and now her fans will be able to see her on the TV screen as well. Many viewers believe that Ariba Mir’s inclusion in the Tum Mere Kya Ho drama cast is a great move and social media stars should also get a chance in the showbiz industry.

Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama cast real name with photos

Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama Taiming

Hum TV released the teasers of Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama at the beginning of April, but the first episode of the drama was released on 21 April 2024. This drama is telecast every day at 7 pm and viewers who cannot watch this drama at 7 pm can also watch the drama online on YouTube. The new episode of the drama is uploaded on YouTube every night at 8 pm and a huge number of viewers watch this drama on YouTube itself.

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