Very Filmy Drama Cast: Timing – Story – Real Name With Pics

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Like every year, this year too, Hum TV has started new dramas in the month of Ramadan, one of which is the drama serial Very Filmy, the complete information of which we have shared with you. Full details of Very Filmy drama cast, story, and timing are available below which you will surely like and you must share this post with your friends on social media.

Apart from the drama serial Very Filmy, currently, Hum TV is airing the best dramas like Nafrat, Zulm, Dooriyan, and Ishq Murshid. If you want, you can check the details of these dramas on the same site, we hope you will like this information and this information will be useful for you.

Very Filmy Drama OST lyrics

Very Filmy Drama Cast

The lead cast of the drama serial Very Filmy has included Dananeer Mobeen, who got a lot of fame from a TikTok video “Parii Ho Rahi Ha”. Other cast includes Ameer Gilani, Deepak Parwani, Bushra Ansari, and Mira Sethi and you will find full details and cast list of the drama below.

Genres:Comedy, Drama
Channel:Hum TV
Duration:40 Min
Production:MD Productions
Producer:Momina Duraid
Director :Ali Hassan
Writer  :Muhammad Ahmed

Cast List:

  • Ameer Gilani
  • Dananeer Mobeen
  • Bushra Ansari
  • Momina Munir
  • Nabeel Zuberi
  • Deepak Parwani
  • Ali Safina
  • Salma Hassan
  • Adnan Jaffar
  • Mira Sethi
  • Ukhano
  • And Others

Very Filmy Drama Timing

Like every year Very Filmy drama has been released on the first date of Ramadan which is 12 March 2024 and this drama is telecast every Monday to Sunday at 9 pm and viewers can watch this drama on Hum TV’s official cable channel.

If you are unable to watch this drama at 9 pm, then you can watch this drama again on telecast at noon in the day. Apart from this, the number of viewers who will be able to watch this drama on Ham TV’s official YouTube channel is also very high. The new episode of Very Filmy drama is uploaded on YouTube every night at 10 pm.

Very Filmy Drama Story

The story of the drama revolves around the lives of Dananeer Mobeen and Ameer Gilani. Ameer Gilani lives abroad and wants to marry a girl there but his family wants to marry him to a Pakistani girl and would have liked a girl, and send him to Pakistan to meet this girl.

Ameer Gilani’s friend advises him to go to Pakistan and harass the girl so much that she refuses to marry him. Dananeer Mobeen is also not happy with this relationship and she also tries to annoy the boy so much that he refuses to marry her.

Both of them adopt a film style to tease each other, hence the name of this drama, and in the drama, when they are teasing each other, they fall in love and get married at the end of the drama.

Very Filmy Drama Cast Real Name With Photos

For the audience’s interest, we have shared the original names and pictures of the Very Filmy drama cast with you below and the short biography of the cast so that you can get familiar with the cast if you see them in any other drama then you can immediately recognize the cast. We hope you will like this information.

Ameer Gilani as Rohan

In the drama, Ameer Gilani is playing the role of Rohan, who lives in Azerbaijan with his parents and younger brother. His father takes a liking to Daniya, a Pakistani girl for him, and asks him to marry her and when Rohan forbids the marriage, he threatens him that if you not marry a girl of my choice then he, leave my house. After this Rohan’s younger brother advises him that he should go to Pakistan and meet the girl and harassing her, to which the girl herself will refuse to marry him.

Ameer Gilani is a handsome actor who started his career in 2019 with the drama serial ‘Log Kia Kahengy’. He has also played the lead role in the super hit drama serial Sabaat to be telecast in 2021. Ameer was born in 1990 and belongs to Karachi city. His birthday is on July 4.

Very Filmy Drama

Dananeer Mobeen as Daniya

As we have already told you Dananeer Mobeen has been included in the main cast of this drama and she is playing the role of Daniya. Daniya’s father likes a boy for her, Abroad, with whom he fixes her marriage, but she does not want to marry any Abroad boy and cannot forbid her father. So she tries to tease the boy so that he refuses to marry her.

Dananeer Mobeen is a new and young actress who has recently joined the Pakistan showbiz industry. Her first drama serial was Sinf e Aahan in which she worked with the big stars of the Pakistan drama industry. She was born in 2001 and her birthday is on 27 October. Dananeer Mobeen’s second most famous drama serial was ‘Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri’ and due to this drama, she got a lot of fame. She has also modeled for a few multinational brands and was included in the Very Filmy drama cast due to her excellent performance in her previous drama.

Very Filmy Drama Cast

Umer Khan (Ukhano) as Freddy

Umer Khan is playing the role of Freddy in this drama who is the younger brother of Rohan and goes to Pakistan with his brother to meet a girl. He bargains in every matter and even takes money to give his brother an idea. He lets his brother know that he should behave strangely in front of the girl he does not want to marry in Pakistan, which will make the girl herself refuse to marry him.

Umer Khan is a popular YouTuber, vlogger, and photographer from Pakistan. He is very famous on social media and now he is starting his career in the drama industry with the drama serial Very Filmy. Hope you will like Umer Khan’s inclusion in the Very Filmy drama cast.

Very Filmy Drama Timing

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari is also included in the main cast of the drama and she is playing the role of Daniya’s grandmother in the drama. She is the best and most successful senior actress who has worked in numerous Pakistani dramas and films. Bushra Ansari was born in 1956 and her birthday is on 20th July. He belongs to the largest city in Pakistan, Karachi, and she received her primary education from the same. Other popular dramas of Bushra Ansari include Tere Bin, Zebaish, Pardes, Pakeeza, and Udaari.

Very Filmy Drama Story

Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani is also part of the main cast of the drama serial Very Filmy and he plays the role of Daniya’s father in the drama who lives in Azerbaijan and arranges Daniya’s marriage with a friend’s son there. Ali is a brilliant director, designer, and actor and he has also played the lead role in the super hit drama serial Yunhi which was previously cast on Hum TV. It is hoped that the audience will be happy with his inclusion in the Very Filmy drama cast.

Very Filmy Drama cast Real Name

Nabeel Zuberi

Nabeel Zuberi is also a part of the main cast of Very Filmy’s drama. He is a young and beautiful model and actor from Pakistan who you must have seen acting in various dramas. He also models for many national and international brands and you will see his pictures in various commercial aids and magazines.

Momina Munir

Momina Munir plays an important role in this drama and she is a famous YouTuber and social media star of Pakistan who has millions of fans on social media. She is currently 23 years old and will be seen with Dananeer Mobeen in this drama.

Salma Hassan

Very Filmy Drama cast Pics

Adnan Jaffar

Very Filmy Drama cast name

Ali Safina

Very Filmy Drama cast real name with photos

Mira Sethi

Hum tv drama Very Filmy cast

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