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Most Popular Pakistani Drama: Hundreds of dramas are telecast in Pakistan every year and all the entertainment channels of Pakistan try to bring the best dramas to their viewers. Here we have shared with you the information of the best dramas currently telecasting in Pakistan and all these dramas are super hit dramas of Pakistan.

In the drama information we have shared here, you will get the details of all the dramas that are most watched in Pakistan today, and the dramas of all channels are included. We hope you will like this information and if you like this information then don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Most Popular Pakistani Drama

Here we have shared with you the details of the super hit dramas in Pakistan for the first 4 months of 2024 which are being watched and liked the most on YouTube. While preparing the list of these dramas, we have taken into consideration that only those dramas are included in the list that visitors are searching the most on Google and YouTube to know about them.

As new and best dramas are released which are liked by the audience and their popularity is high, we will add those dramas to this list. We have tried to share with you the list of dramas as well as brief information of the dramas in the list and if you want to get the complete information of these dramas then you will find the complete details of these dramas on our site.

Ishq Murshid

The first drama serial in our list is Ishq Murshid which is being telecasted on Hum TV, this drama was released on 8th October 2023 and even today this drama continues and this drama is aired every Sunday at 8 pm on Hum TV. A huge number of viewers watch this drama on YouTube. If it is said that the most-watched drama serial in Pakistan is Ishq Murshid in 2024, then there is nothing wrong.

The story of the drama revolves around the life of a boy, Bilal Abbas, who is the son of a rich politician, but he falls in love with a girl who does not like his father. He meets and starts working in his father’s office as a poor man.

The main cast of the drama includes Bilal Abbas, Darfsha Saleem, Omair Rana, Hira Tareen, and Noor ul Hasan. The rest of the cast is also very amazing and we have shared the cast, story, and all other information with you on this site which you can see by clicking on the link. If you have not seen this drama yet, then you must watch this drama once. Ishq Murshid Drama Details.

Namak Haram

Namak Haram is the second best drama telecasting on Geo TV the drama is released on 3rd November and is telecast every Friday at 8 pm like other dramas you can also watch this drama on YouTube. It is the second most watched drama in Pakistan and viewers have watched this drama more than 1 billion times on YouTube alone and this number is made up of the total views of all the episodes.

The story of the drama revolves around a young man who is an employee of a very big businessman and everyone thinks that he is very loyal to his boss, but in reality, he is the biggest enemy of his boss. Because his mother was abused by his boss but then he was only 7 years old, he grows up and makes various plots against his boss making his life difficult.

The main cast of the drama includes Imran Ashraf who plays the role of a loyal employee Mureed. Along with Imran Ashraf, Sarah Khan happens to be the daughter of Imran Ashraf’s boss but is married to her father’s employee. Babar Ali plays the role of Imran Ashraf’s boss in the drama and his role is negative. Other casts include Sajawal Khan, Anika Zulfikar, Nabeela Khan, and Sunita Marshal. You can see complete details of Namak Haram Drama on this site. It is the second most popular Pakistani drama in 2024.

Zulm Drama

Zulm is the third most watched drama and this drama is also being telecasted on Hum TV. This drama was released on November 20 and even today the last episodes of the drama are being telecasted. You can watch this drama on Hum TV every Monday at 8 PM, also all the episodes of the drama are available on the official YouTube channel of Hum TV.

Faisal Qureshi is playing an important role in the main cast of the drama serial Zulm. It is a negative role that he is playing in Geo TV’s drama serial Khaie. Shahzad Sheikh, Saba Faisal, Sarah Hashmi, and Adila Saleem are also part of the main cast of the drama. We have already shared complete details of the Zulm drama cast with pictures, if you want you can check those details too.

The story of the drama revolves around the life of Sarah Hashmi, whom a powerful businessman falls in love with and wants to marry, but Sarah Khan and her family do not want this, which causes many problems in her life. Faisal Qureshi is playing the role of a powerful businessman in this drama. When Faisal Qureshi creates problems in Sarah Hashmi’s life in the drama, Shahzad Sheikh helps her. This is 3rd most popular Pakistani drama.

Sukoon Drama

Sukoon is a drama of ARY Digital in which Ahsan Khan is seeing the essence of his acting. The story of this drama is written by Misbah Nosheen and the drama is directed by Siraj ul Haq. Sukoon drama was released on 13th October 2023 and the audience has liked this drama very much even today the number of viewers watching this drama on YouTube is in the millions.

The story of the drama revolves around the life of a girl Sana who belongs to a middle-class family and is engaged but a young boy sees her at a wedding and wishes to marry her. She rejects him. Later, Sana likes the boy’s elder brother Ahsan Khan. This is a suspenseful story that you will like. It is also top of the list of 5 Most Popular Pakistani Drama in 2024.

As we have already told you Ahsan Khan is playing the lead role in the drama and Sana Javed is playing the lead role with him. Others in the cast include Sidra Niazi, Qudsia Ali, Laili Wasti, and Ahsan Talish. The cast of the drama has given the best performance due to which this drama has become very successful.

Most Popular Pakistani Drama

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