Why Did Sahir Ali Baga Call Rahat Fateh Ali Khan A Hypocrite?

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Just a few days ago, the famous singer and musician of Pakistan called his fellow singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan a hypocrite and shared this message due to his Instagram post, on which social media users made a lot of noise. You know that big stars often fight on social media, but Sahir Ali Baga went and talked at a very high level, which he explained today.

Sahir Ali Baga Calls Rahat Fateh Ali Khan A Hypocrite

As you know, Sahir Ali Baga and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are massive stars of Pakistan and belong to the music industry. Three days ago, Sahir Ali Baga called Rahat Fateh Ali Khan a hypocrite, due to which fans of both were defending their favorite star on this post and many social media users wanted to know the reason.

Today, Sahir Ali Baga wrote in a post on his Facebook that he has called Rahat Fateh Ali Khan a hypocrite because Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has not given him credit for his song “ZAROORI THAA“. This song was composed by Sahir Ali Baga. Sahir Ali Baga further said that he considers every person who does not give others their rights as a hypocrite.

He said that I hope Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will give me credit for my part and he is a very talented person.

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