Zulm Drama Cast: Story – Timing – Real Name With Photo

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Zulm drama cast includes big stars of the drama industry and Faisal Qureshi is playing the lead role. Faisal Qureshi’s role is negative. Shahzad Sheikh, Sahar Hashmi, and Adila Saleem are also included in the main cast. If you want to see all the cast details with pictures then you will find full details below which you will also like.

Apart from this drama, many other super-hit dramas are being telecasted on Hum TV that are very well-liked by the audience. These dramas include Namak Haram, Ishq Murshid, Rah e Junoon, and Jhok Sarkar. The complete details of these dramas are also available on our site, and if you want, you can get complete information about these dramas from our site. You will also get the details of the dramas aired on other entertainment channels in Pakistan on the same website.

Zulm Drama Cast

The cast of the drama Zulm is very impressive and includes the famous actors of Pakistan, the most important of which is Faisal Qureshi, who plays a negative role in the drama. The rest of the cast is also excellent, including Sahar Hashmi, Shahzad Sheikh, Saba Faisal, Adila Saleem, and Hina Taha. The complete cast list and details are provided below so that you can get to know the cast better.

Production:Momin Duraid Production
Director :Ilyas Kashmiri
Writer  :Rehana Aftab
Producer:Momin Duraid

Cast List:

Real NameRole
Faysal QureshiMalik Ijlal
Shahzad SheikhUpdating…
Saba FaisalUpdating…
Sahar HashmiEsha
Adila SaleemKhansa
Hani TahaMalik’s Wife
Ahmed RafiqueAshar
Tazeen HussainUpdating
Amra Zahid KaziMinal
Sachal AfzalUpdating
Raeed Muhammad AlamEsha’s Brother

Zulm Pakistani Drama Cast Real Name With Pictures

You must be familiar with the cast of the drama, but many viewers are not familiar with the cast. So we have provided the cast of the drama with their original names and photos below. A short biography of the cast is also provided. Which actor did you like the most in the cast of the drama? Please let us know in the comment section.

Faysal Qureshi as Malik Ijlal

Faisal Qureshi is in the main cast of the drama serial Zulm, and he is playing the role of Malik Ijlal, who is a negative character. Malik Ijlal is a very powerful political man. He marries a girl and doesn’t tell anyone about this marriage, and then he kidnaps another girl, and the girl’s family files a case against Malik Ijlal. After this, he gets very angry and harasses the girl’s family. The lawyer who is fighting the case of this girl also makes a murderous attack on him.

Faisal Qureshi is one of the most successful and senior actors in Pakistan. He has played lead roles in numerous super-hit Pakistani dramas, including Adhoori Aurat, Siyaah, Farq, Dil-e-Momin, and Fitoor. Faisal Qureshi was born in 1973 in Lahore, and his birthday is on October 26 every year. He started his career as a child actor, and his first drama serial was Andhera Ujala. Faisal Qureshi started acting regularly in 2013, and to date, he is associated with this field.

Zulm Drama

Shahzad Sheikh as TBA

Shahzad Sheikh is also included in the cast of the drama and is playing the role of a lawyer in the drama. He fights a case against a powerful politician in the drama, and that politician makes his life difficult, and he also commits a murderous attack on him.

Shahzad Sheikh is the son of Pakistani superstar Javed Sheikh and has worked with many famous actors. He was born in 1984 in Karachi, and his birthday is on September 26. Shahzad Sheikh started his career with the famous entertainment channel AAG TV’s drama series Dreamers. His other famous dramas include Tere Bina Mein Nahi, Ibn-e-Hawwa, Prem Gali, Phaans, and Meray Humnasheen.

Zulm Drama Cast

Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal is one of the senior and successful actresses of Pakistan. She has been playing the lead role in almost every other super hit drama for the last 5 years. Saba Faisal was born in 1960 in Lahore and her birthday is on 31 January.

She started her career in the drama industry at the age of 49. In 2009, her first drama serial Tum Jo Miley was telecast on Hum TV, a famous entertainment channel of Pakistan. Popular dramas of Saba Faisal include Rah-e-Junoon, Mujhay Qabool Nahin, Tinkay Ka Sahara, and Chand Tara.

Zulm Drama Story

Sahar Hashmi as Esha

Sahar Hashmi is part of the main cast of the drama serial Zulm and she is playing the role of Esha in the drama. She is a beautiful and talented young actress whose performance is loved by the audience. Along with being an actress, Sahar Hashmi is also a popular TikToker with millions of followers.

She was born in 1991 in Lahore and became most famous with the popular song Wasal which went viral. Sahar Hashmi has also worked in Angna drama before this. She looks cute in the Zulm drama cast.

Zulm Drama Timing

Adila Saleem as Khansa

Adila Saleem is one of the best actresses and models in Pakistan. She was born in 1990 and belongs to the largest city in Pakistan, Karachi, and she celebrates her birthday on January 2 every year. Adila Saleem’s first drama serial Maya was telecast in 2012 and she acted as a supporting actress in this drama. Her most famous drama was Dolly Darling which was telecast in 2019. Apart from this, she has also played the lead role in the super hit drama serial Kaala Doriya which will be telecast on Hum TV in 2022.

Adila Saleem’s popular dramas include Fitrat, Dour, Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main, Kasak Rahay Ge, and Tera Yahan Koi Nahin, in these dramas she has played supporting actresses and lead roles. She has a huge fan following on social media and viewers love her acting. Now she plays an active role in the Zulm drama cast.

Zulm Drama cast Real Name

Hani Taha as Malik’s Wife

Hani Taha is a talented actress and model in the Pakistani drama industry who you must have seen in various dramas and her performance in this drama will impress you. She was born in 1978 and her birthday is on 24th January every year. Hani Taha is currently 42 years old and belongs to Karachi city. Before this, she has also played the lead role in the drama serial Dil-e-Bereham.

Zulm Drama Photo

Ahmed Rafique as Ashar

Zulm Drama cast pictures

Tazeen Hussain

Tazeen Hussain is a senior actress who has previously played the lead role in Hum TV’s super hit drama serial Yunhi. Now she is also playing an important role in the Zulm drama cast and we hope you will like her acting.

Zulm Drama cast and crew

Amra Zahid Kazi as Minal

Zulm Drama cast name

Sachal Afzal

Zulm geo tv drama cast

Raeed Muhammad Alam as Esha’s Brother

Geo tv Zulm Drama cast

Zulm Drama Timing

The drama serial Zulm was released by Hum TV on November 20, 2023, and every Monday at 8 p.m. prime time, the drama is telecasted on the official cable channel. You can also watch the drama live on Hum TV’s official website. If you can’t watch the drama at the scheduled time, then watch the drama on the official YouTube channel of Hum TV. The new episode of the drama is uploaded on YouTube every Monday at 9 p.m.

Drama can be watched on Hum TV’s official cable channel on Tuesdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is a complete playlist of the drama on YouTube, which includes all the telecast episodes so far.

Zulm Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Zulm is very wonderful and is loved by the audience. This story revolves around the lives of Faisal Qureshi and Shahzad Sheikh. Faisal Qureshi plays a negative role in the drama; he is a famous businessman and politician who falls in love with a girl, gets married forcibly, and keeps this marriage hidden from everyone. He kidnaps a girl, and a family member of that girl files a case against Faisal Qureshi.

Shahzad Sheikh is a lawyer in the drama, and he fights a case against Faisal Qureshi. Faisal Qureshi makes his life very difficult; he attacks his house and tries to kill him, but Shahzad Sheikh survives. Viewers are taking a lot of interest in the drama and expressing positive opinions about it. You must also be watching this drama. Please express your opinion about the story of the drama below.

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Let us know in the comment section how you like Zulm Drama Cast: Story – Timing – Real Name With Photo, and you will also find the lyrics of the OST of all other telecasted dramas in Pakistan on our site. You can also watch them on this site. You will find all the information about televised dramas and other shows in Pakistan on our website.

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